12 January 2010



Negara Yang Jaya


Gagah dan Perkasa

Seluruh Rakyat Berpadu, Bersatu!

Menentang Musuh Negara

Kami Ingin Berjaya

Di Antarabangsa

Dengan Sorak Sorai Gempita

Di seluruh Negara

Malaysia Sudah Berjaya

Marilah Bangkit Bersama!

credit to Kehek for the video.

10 January 2010

The Real Football Factories

The UK may be home to the most respected football firms in the world but there are outfits in other countries which can give our hardest boys a run for their money.These are the crews who think nothing of using tear gas, meat hooks, home-made bombs and worse to make their point - gangs of organised hooligans in countries as far apart as Brazil and Croatia, Argentina and Italy, football fans for whom their team is their life.

Meet the firms prepared to go to the furthest extremes defending their firm's honour.Actor Danny Dyer, star of hit film "The Football Factory", took a film crew with him to meet all of these gangs. This is the full story of what happened when he did. His journey around the hooligan world in 90 days, visiting nine countries in twelve weeks to meet the nastiest, naughtiest football hooligans on the planet. Shot at, stoned, glassed and tear gassed, they survived gunfire in Brazil and a riot in Poland and the opportunity to stand shoulder to shoulder with the foreign firms as it all goes off.Full of spine-chilling encounters, extraordinary characters and brutal clashes, this book shows that football hooliganism is alive and kicking - all over the world. This is the proof that it's not just Britain which has the most determined football fans.